01: Introduction

“Beginnings are such delicate times” – Frank Herbert

Welcome to Core Ideas, a podcast about paleolimnology, the interdisciplinary science that reconstructs the paleoenvironments of inland waters.

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves as co-hosts, and describe our goals for the podcast. We both have extensive research experience in paleolimnology, but differ in the perspectives we bring to the show. Adam currently works as a Research Scientist in the Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory at Queen’s University, and Josh is a Sessional Assistant Professor at York University. Going forward, we will discuss some of the wide range of topics covered by “paleo”, and hope this will entertain active paleolimnologists, as well as inform those with a more general interest in environmental sciences.

To begin our initial discussion, we describe some of the topics we intend to cover, such as: significant paleolimnological studies and the scientists responsible for them, the role of paleolimnology in addressing past environmental concerns (e.g. acid rain), how “paleo” can continue to inform current and future environmental issues (e.g. climate change), the tools paleolimnologists use and how they have matured, as well as our own personal insights into the world of paleolimnology.

Over the next few podcast episodes we will begin with some of the fundamental concepts in paleolimnology, starting with bioindicators, but for now, stay awhile and listen.

Episode 01 can be found here.