E01: Introduction[mp3]
E02: Bioindicators[mp3]
E03: Dating Struggles[mp3]
E04: Mudslinging[mp3]
E05: Lack of Chemistry[mp3]
E06: Reconstructions Deconstructed[mp3]
Into the Weeds
E07: The “Joy” of Fieldwork (Part 1)[mp3]
E08: Computational Time[mp3]
E09: A Study of Graduate Studies[mp3]
E10: The Questions We Ask (with Prof. Jenny Korosi)[mp3]
E11: Joining the Illuminati[mp3]
E12: Popular Paleolimnology[mp3]
Contagious Ideas
E13: No Plan(et) B[mp3]
E14: Ex-Citation[mp3]
E15: Words on Paper[mp3]
E16: Open Relationships[mp3]
E17: Memeing to the Choir[mp3]
E18: Science in a Dangerous Time[mp3]
A History of Paleolimnology
E19: A History of Paleolimnology (Part 1)[mp3]
E20: A History of Paleolimnology (Part 2)[mp3]
E21: A History of Paleolimnology (Part 3)[mp3]
E22: A History of Paleolimnology (Part 4)[mp3]
E23: Core Ideas … and Smol[mp3]
Topical Paleolimnology
E24: Many Grains of Salt[mp3]
E25: Defining the Anthropocene[mp3]
E26: Illuminating Biovectors[mp3]
E27: One Complete Varve[mp3]
E28: Cyanobacterial Blooms: A Hot Mess[mp3]
E29: Sitting on a Gold Mine[mp3]
E30: Acid Rain: Mission Accomplished[mp3]
E31: The Unbleakness of Climate Change[mp3]
The Small Picture
E32: Pollen Counts [mp3]
E33: Diatoms: Half Empty or Half Full?[mp3]
E34: The Cladoceran Matriarchy[mp3]
E35: Interlude: Welcome to Paleolimnology[mp3]
E36: Just a Smidge of Midges[mp3]
E37: Top of the POPs[mp3]
E38: Mucking Out the Stable Isotopes[mp3]
Conceptual Rabbit Holes
E39: It’s a Wiggly World[mp3]
E40: The Next Best Thing Since Sliced Sediment[mp3]
E41: Invasion of the Exotic Aliens[mp3]
E42: Questions of Scale[mp3]
E43: Why Do We Know So Little About Oceanography?[mp3]
E44: Too Much of a Good Thing (Data)[mp3]
E45: Year Two(ish) in Review[mp3]
Core Reading Lists
E46: Reading Up on Dating[mp3]
E47: Playing Chicken with Permafrost Papers[mp3]
E48: Commentaries on Calcium Concentrations[mp3]
E49: Oxygen Reconstructions are Hard![mp3]
E50: Northern PEARLeo[mp3]
Money Money Money
E51: Money Money Money: An Introduction[mp3]
E52: Starving Students[mp3]
E53: Fat Cat Professors[mp3]
E54: Elite Institutions[mp3]
E55: Contenuous Funding[mp3]