27: One Complete Varve

“Those who like it, like it a lot…” – Alexander Keith

It is hard to believe, but one full varve has been deposited since we officially launched this paleolimnology podcast. In lieu of a birthday celebration, we decided to spend an episode reflecting on what we’ve done so far, what we’ve learned along the way, and our future plans.

To date, the Core Ideas project has:

  • Released 26 episodes
  • Produced a humble website
  • Interviewed three guests
  • Found a small, but dedicated audience.

We have learned that:

  • Producing the show is more work than originally anticipated, but our planning/recording schedule seems to be working out
  • Due to the pandemic, we had to pivot from our original vision in a more lecture/research driven direction (the plan was to have a lot more interviews)
  • We are terrible at social media and self promotion, and this is unlikely to change

We are proud of the show because:

  • Despite its nicheness, we think we’ve produced a resource with some real value
  • The episodes won’t become dated very quickly, and provide an unusual blend of textbook level information with anecdotes that dig into some of the stories behind the science

In Year 2 we hope to:

  • Have some Core Ideas t-shirts made
  • Improve the website
  • Interview more guests
  • Record a show with the two of us in the same room

All in all, we’ve had a lot of fun producing the show over the past year, and we will continue stumbling along, figuring things out as we go. Thanks for listening, and as always if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Episode 27 can be found here.