05: Lack of Chemistry

“One thing that you can’t fake is chemistry”  – Blake Shelton

In this installment of the Core Ideas podcast, our introduction to paleolimnology continues with a discussion about some physical and chemical indicators that can preserve in lake sediments. As …

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03: Dating Struggles

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

In the third episode of the Core Ideas podcast, Adam and Josh examine their dating struggles… with sediment cores! Specifically, the techniques used in paleolimnology to determine sediment …

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02: Bioindicators

“In nature nothing exists alone” – Rachel Carson

In the second episode of the Core Ideas podcast, we discuss bioindicators – species or communities that are so closely associated with particular environmental conditions that their presence can be used in …

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01: Introduction

“Beginnings are such delicate times” – Frank Herbert

Welcome to Core Ideas, a podcast about paleolimnology, the interdisciplinary science that reconstructs the paleoenvironments of inland waters.

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves as co-hosts, and describe our goals …

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