46: Reading Up on Dating

“I like my relationships exactly how I like the planet – circumneutral and sustainable” – Paleolimnology

After belatedly celebrating two years of the show, we’re back with a fresh episode arc. The unifying theme this time is introductions to the relevant literature of specific paleolimnological topics. The kind of thing that would be attached to a “Welcome to the project!” e-mail. Our Core Reading Lists begin with something where background knowledge is essential for virtually all paleolimnologists – 210Pb dating.

These lists are not intended to be comprehensive, but instead five (or so) journal articles that can act as a primer for deeper literature dives. We will try to choose approachable papers (ideally open access ones), rather than foundational works (i.e. we wouldn’t choose On the Origin of Species as the starting point for a reading list on evolution), and we will also try to limit the number of review articles included.

After some debate of where to begin, we reflected on how it was stressed in the History of Paleolimnology arc, that the development of reliable dating methods was fundamental to the development of paleolimnology as a quantitative science, and all paleolimnologists will have to consider a dating model at some point in their studies. Therefore, our first reading list is for 210Pb dating.

The List:

Honourable Mentions:

We welcome comments on our choices for an introductory reading list, but consider it to be a good mix of foundational, historically important and evaluative papers. We believe it can serve as a good introduction and launching point for anyone new to the topic of 210Pb dating in paleolimnology. 

Episode 46 can be found here.