47: Playing Chicken with Permafrost Papers

“Ice is my life!” – Kristoff Bjorgman

Our second Core Reading List is essentially an advertisement for Josh’s research program. Interested in becoming familiar with the paleolimnological literature on permafrost thaw? Stay awhile and listen.

For those that missed our first list, the intent is to produce short reading lists covering a specific paleolimnological topic that could be provided to someone (e.g. a new student) as a primer for deeper dives into the relevant literature. Our self-imposed ‘rules’ are to select (roughly) five approachable papers (not necessarily foundational works), that are ideally open access, cover multiple authors/research groups, and include at most one review article.

The first reading list focused on 210Pb dating and the format seemed to work well, so we decided to follow it up with a look at Josh’s research interests. Specifically, the linkages between the geomorphology of permafrost regions and aquatic ecosystems, and ‘melting’ permafrost.

The List:

Honourable Mention:

There you have it, an introductory reading list for anyone interested in changing permafrost landscapes in paleolimnology. Once again, this is very much our list, and we welcome disagreements with our article selection, but these are papers we would happily send someone in a ‘welcome to the project’ type of email.

Episode 47 can be found here.