31: The Unbleakness of Climate Change

“The planet isn’t going anywhere; we are!” – George Carlin

The Topical Paleolimnology arc concludes with a look at the most topical topic of our time. No, not the COVID-19 pandemic. Climate change.

Climate change is an omnipresent …

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30: Acid Rain: Mission Accomplished?

“My eyes! The goggles do nothing!” – Radioactive Man

The Topical Paleolimnology arc continues with a look at a major environmental concern of the 20th century – acid rain. Although acid rain (along with lake acidification) has largely faded …

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28: Cyanobacterial Blooms: A Hot Mess

“The Rose Cyanobacteria is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms” – Angelus Silesius

Our Topical Paleolimnology Arc continues with a look at cyanobacterial blooms. Although we have referred to the relationship between algal blooms and eutrophication in …

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26: Illuminating Biovectors

“Birds of a feather flock (and poop) together” – Ancient Greek Proverb

The next episode in our series on Topical Paleolimnology looks at how paleolimnology can be used to track biovectors. We were fortunate to be joined by guest host …

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25: Defining the Anthropocene

“Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence” – Carl Sagan

Our next episode on Topical Paleolimnology examines the proposed new geological epoch in the history of the Earth – the Anthropocene (or “Age of Humans”). The definition of an epoch is complex, …

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